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It's not about the equipment you use... it's the talent in front of it which makes a voiceover great. 
The most important aspect of a successful voiceover is the capability and skill of the voice actor in front of the microphone.  That said, the tools which a studio chooses for their craft also play an important role in the quality of their work.  In my own studio (affectionately referred to as “The Martini Lounge”) you'll find the the importance of both the equipment, and the talent in front of it have been taken to heart.

Here at The Martini Lounge, you'll discover some of the best equipment a voiceover could hope to find. 
I have a simple philosophy for the studio:  “only the best will do”.  For this reason, The Martini Lounge is equipped with a variety of different technologies.  The latest tools, bells, and whistles are not necessarily going to help the client achieve their desired results.  Phrases like “cutting edge” and “state of the art” are not thrown around here in a casual manner.  It takes more than that.  My personal philosophy is to simply find what works best, and to use it to its fullest potential.  Versatility, quality, and professionalism are the tenets of any professional voice actor and the same can be said of any good studio.  These qualities are paramount in the services I provide my clients, and in the recording equipment I stand behind in my studio.

Equipment from the following manufacturers
is available on-site at The Martini Lounge:
www.neumann.com www.horchaudio.de www.empiricallabs.com www.littlelabs.com www.redco.com www.cranesong.com www.audiotechnica.com www.colemanaudio.com www.denon.com www.dynaudio.com www.edirol.com www.enhancedaudio.ie www.electrovoice.com www.lynxstudio.com www.omnirax.com www.rca.com www.telefunkenusa.com www.sennheiser.com www.ratstands.com www.telos-systems.com www.universalaudio.com www.ultimatesupport.com www.mackie.com www.popfilter.com