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Q: Why should I hire you?
A: With all the voice talent out there these days, you have to ask yourself this question, and believe me, it's a fair one to ask. You wouldn't buy a car without kicking the tires and checking it out, would you? I've been performing as a voice actor since 2000, having done work with numerous industrial and commercial clients.  I'm based in the Philadelphia area, but have traveled to both coasts in order to train with the likes of Bob Bergen, Pat Fraley, Marla Kirban, Melody Jones, Rick Orlow, and Jeannie Stith.  Additionally, I've trained and performed with the People's Improv Theatre of New York, and the Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia.  In short, I've sought out and trained with some of the best and most talented names in the industry in order to bring my clients the very best to each and every performance I deliver.

Q: What are your rates?
A: While I do have set rates for my area, each project is unique in it's own way, and the client’s specific needs dictate the final cost.  Please use the contact page with details regarding the copy and production (distribution, etc.) and I'll be happy to provide you with a quote based on the amount and type of work requested.

Q: How long will it take?
A: That depends on the size and complexity of the booking.  I do not like to rush jobs because I want to ensure that I give my clients the very best product I can offer them, and their projects. Normally, I estimate a turnaround of 24 hours from initiation of the project for most of the work I do, but more often than not, I can deliver much faster than that (long-form narrations being the exception; I wouldn't want to try and record something the size of the Bible in a single day). If however, your project needs an unusually quick turnaround, let me know and I'm sure I can find a way to meet your needs.

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: I get this question a lot. Either from clients or other voiceover people. My passion and use of vintage, boutique and top-shelf components is well-known within the voiceover community. The answer though always comes back to my voice. The vocal instrument and one's ability to act are the most important tools in a voice actor's arsenal, and I am no different in that belief. If that still doesn't answer your question, there's a manufacturer's list of products used within my studio here.

Q: What kind of microphone do you use?
A:  If the previous comment regarding equipment didn't answer this, then let me be specific. I have quite a large microphone cabinet at my disposal.  However, of them all, my two preferred microphones for voiceover work are the Neumann U87 and the Horch RM2J.

Q:  Do you offer Phone Patch,  ISDN, or Source Connect  sessions?
A: Yes I do. I've got a Telos ONE digital hybrid for phone patches, Source Elements Source Connect, and I handle ISDN patches using Source Connect (please note that a bridging fee applies for clients who use ISDN through Source Connect). I do not have an ISDN codec or hard-line at this time, but do have access to several local studios which do. Additional studio rates will apply for any additional charges incurred for use of such service.

Q: Can you give me a custom demo of my script?
A: No problem. Send me the script and project details via the contact page and I'll perform some of it for you to give you an idea of what I can offer you and your production.

Q:  What if I want you to change something in your recording?
A: If you aren't happy with the delivery, want a different emphasis, etc., then a re-read (aka. “pick-up”) is not a problem, and is offered at no additional charge. I want to make sure that you are satisfied with the product I provide, and to become a repeat client.  Please note, I usually limit these to three. Pick-ups based on script changes are gladly re-recorded for a charge of 50% of the original session (Full ISDN studio rates will apply for any pickups requiring use of an ISDN codec outside of my studio).

Q:  What types of payment do you accept?
A:  Paypal is my preferred method since it allows the customer to pay using a credit card, or via paypal fund transfer from a bank account. I will also accept check or money orders. Please note that an additional $30 fee will be applied to any returned check (the bank charges me, so unfortunately I have to charge you).

Q: Do you require payment up front?
A: For new customers, I do require a 50% payment up front. The rest will be due within 30 days of delivery. However, I do not use this guideline for repeat clients in good standing. Billing is normally done in a 30-day cycle, which means that payment in full is due within 30 days after delivery. If your company happens to use a different payable schedule, just let me know ahead of time and we'll work something out. In the event that a client fails to pay within the agreed upon timeframe, I have to assess a 10% penalty to the late payment, and $30 charge for any returned checks. Additional late fees may accrue should payment be more than 60 days overdue.

Q: How do you send out invoices for services provided?
A: I send invoices via email and postal mail.

Q: Do you offer Royalty-free music?
A: I have royalty-free music, which can be utilized for your project, for an additional fee.  However, if you require full production services, there are some studios which I recommend which specialize in this service.

Q: What delivery methods can you use?
A: Depends on your needs. Smaller files can be easily e-mailed to you. Larger jobs will require a different approach, and FTP is my preferred approach in that case. However, I still have some clients who prefer traditional mailing of CDs to their location. If you have specific delivery needs, just let me know.

Q: The copy is rather technical and we'd prefer to find someone with a scientific background, would you be able to do it?
A: I get this question every so often (particularly from clients who require voiceover services relating to their IT needs), and I'm happy to say that I can definitely help you if you need a voiceover talent with a technical background.  I have a formal background in the technical sciences, including an advanced degree in Information Sciences.  I'm also recognized within industry as holding several professional certifications (CISSP and GSEC, for example).

Q: What if your voice is not what I'm looking for?
A: These things happen. While I'd love to provide the voiceover for your project, I know that no voice is the perfect fit for every project. In the event that my voice isn't the one that you're looking for with your project, I would be more than happy to refer you to several of my associates within the voiceover industry. These are all people I've personally worked with in the past, and whom I know will provide outstanding results for your project.

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